I discovered Rashel's amazing pieces and instantly knew we had to work together! I make a point of wearing her pieces when traveling and am stopped and complimented on her amazing work on a daily basis. It seemed natural that Rashel and I would work together as I feel her collections compliment my home designs perfectly.

Designer Rashel Karlin hails from the beautiful Baltic country of Latvia. In Latvia, Rashel was influenced by the healing powers of nature, an element that soon became her playground. After living in Italy and Vienna Rashel chose Los Angeles as her permanent home. In Italy and Vienna, Rashel furthered her interest in the complex nature of the classic and worldly cultures. Amidst exploring all of these different cultures, Rashel became interested in the world of spirituality, in which she came to understand the different healing powers of gemstones. Rashel works with natural gemstones and individually wraps every stone with a passion and energy from within.

The pieces of her collection display the same class and elegance that she, as a designer, epitomizes. Her jewelry is inspired by the nature, beauty, and love of the world around her, in both the physical and spiritual sense of things.