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We are so pleased to be working with award winning microphotographer Bernardo Cesare on a new collection of our wall coverings!

Bernardo Cesare started to take photomicrographs of rocks for his master thesis in Geology in 1987. He has as a Geoscientist devoted to the study of rocks (Petrography) and has become an award-winning microphotographer specializing in artistic photography of rocks, minerals and other materials under a polarizing microscope.

As a scientist, Cesare uses photomicrographs and macrophotographs, as well as scanning electron microscope images, to describe the subjects of study and their morphological features. Owing to his scientific interests he has specialized in the optical microphotography of inclusions in minerals, having size < 100 micrometres.

As a photographer with artistic intent, Ceesare’s images explore the intersection between geology and art and communicate geological histories and information with the help of their aesthetic impact.

Cesare's rock photomicrographs have been displayed in photo galleries, at mineralogical and scientific exhibits and in Natural Sciences Museums in Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, UK and USA, and published in photographic and popular magazines, and in geological journals.

Select Accomplishments:

-Winner at MicroGeo2008 photo contest of the Russian Mineralogical Society

-Winner at  IPA - International Photographic Awards, Micro - non Pro category

-Photographer of the Year: WPGA 4th Pollux Awards  - micro and macro category 2012

-Winner at Motic PlugShoot&Win contest 2013

-Finalist at Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014

-Editor's spotlight, National Geographic Yourshot 2014

-Best in Show at Los Alamos’ Science & Math-based Art competition 2015

-Finalist at NSF The Vizzies Visualization Challenge 2015

-Winner at Nikon Talents 2016 - Detais category