Essential Lighting Collection

The exquisite minerals that define the bases of these table lamps are always kept in stock, enabling a readily available lighting group suited to a broad range of home and hospitality spaces. Lamps are available in single, matching pairs or multiples. Mounted on acrylic or custom-finished metal foot. Shades are custom-designed to complement the bases. Each lamp is UL approved with a clear cord, dimmer and 150-watt bulb. Styles are named after the designer’s friends and family.

Couture Lighting Collection

Precious minerals comprise the bases of these one-of-a-kind table lamps. Some incorporate vintage jewelry. Mounted on acrylic or ebony foot. Shades are custom-designed to complement the bases. Styles are named after Brenda’s favorite travel destinations.

Below is just a small sampling of our Couture Lighting offerings. To review available styles, please visit our Library. We welcome your inquiries about custom designs for home or hospitality.

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